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 "The trail of the morning star"

"Nani Nā Pua O Ka Lei Hiwa. Beautiful are the blossoms of a lei so cherished."

Kealakapawa under the direction of Kumu Michael Canopin was founded in 1990 in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. We are now located in Ōsaka, Japan and have been here since 2005. Our school of Hawaiian dance offers classes in hula ʻauana (modern), hula ʻōlapa (traditional), a relaxed hula ʻauana class, and a basic fundamentals class. 


Throughout the year, there are many performance opportunities for all of our students to participate in. Aside from local seasonal shows; these past 3 years have allowed us to travel and participate in the annual Prince Lot Hula Festival at the historic ʻIolani Palace in Honolulu.


Kealakapawa would love to become your new ʻohana hula. For more information on registering for a trial lesson, or to come and observe one of our classes, please contact us through e-mail at or give us a call at 06-6150-2552.






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